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Grivel Helix Ice Screw

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The Grivel Helix Ice Screw is easy to place thanks to a large crank handle and symmetrical grip, so you can really get your weight over the screw as you turn it in. The large handle creates extra leverage which enables you to turn the screw more easily as you wind it and then tighten it against the ice.

The karabiner hole is easy to clip and the Helix will rack perfectly on your harness.



  • Easy to get the first bite in the ice thanks to its symmetrical grip.
  • Easy to screw in thanks to the handle on the grip.
  • Easy to attach a carabiner thanks to the shape of the ring.
  • Easy to carry on the rack with a carabiner, even several at a time.



  • Easy to place ice screw with large crank handle
  • Comes in two sizes: 16cm, 20cm
  • Stainless steel hangers with one clip point
  • CE certified, patente
  • Weight: 16cm-168g, 20cm-191g
  • Material: Steel


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